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Challenge Cup

This is a picture of my father being presented the Brock Challenge Cup for 1943 by the President of the Fareham & Hants Farmers' Club. The award was for "general good management" in farms of more than 300 acres and that year Warnford was up against 51 other farms covering some 27,000 acres.

The Fareham & Hants Farmers' Club was formed in 1891. There were 153 members and the subscription was 5/- per annum. The objects of the Club were to be "for the consideration and discussion of various subjects affecting directly or indirectly the interests of agriculture, for the promotion of more unity amongst agriculturists and a friendly feeling with all classes; provide Stallions for the use of Members, organise an Annual Show and do anything else likely to encourage prosperity".

"Stallions for the use of the members" is an amazing benefit of membership!

The Farms Competition was first promoted by the Club in 1917 in an effort to encourage farmers to increase food production in order to assist in the alleviation of the extremely serious food situation at that time. The name of the Competition was changed to “The Hampshire County Farms Competition” in 1964 and it is still running today.


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