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Pig production

In 1938 my father commissioned a booklet on pig production at Warnford. As well as describing the system he had developed for managing the herd, the booklet recorded some of the many glowing reviews of Warnford that had appeared in the agricultural press.

"In Agriculture we have many times seen enterprises spring into the limelight only to depart soon after the curtain is raised. But I believe this will be an outstanding and successful effort to put Pig Feeding in England into the realm of big business."

Farmers' Weekly, 1938.

"Taking everything into consideration it represents one of the most remarkable and efficient creations in the Pig Business in recent years."

Pig Breeders' Gazette, 1938

"Without doubt Mr. Chester possesses the biggest and best equipped Pig Farm in the country."

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 1938

The booklet is available to read on the Archive page by clicking below.


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